Latina music star Shakira seem to have shaken off her separation from husband Gerald Pique and found her level in music making again.
Her latest work ‘Monotonia’ meaning boredom just a few days after the release is currently making waves in Latin America and likely to hit global audience soon.
In 2022 her long relationship with Barcelona veteran defender Pique, with whom she has two children, hit the rocks, despite efforts by Shakira to keep her family together. Many believe the song is aimed at Pique.
The official video for the song, featuring the tearful Colombian munching on a snack in a supermarket aisle as she fills up a shopping basket, starts with the Spanish lyrics she had already teased: “It wasn’t your fault, nor was it mine.
“It was monotony’s fault. I never said anything but it hurt me. I knew this would happen.”
Shakira only has words of thanks, something she has highlighted on her social networks.
“Thanks to all my people! Every time I had a hole in my chest, it was you who with your love and understanding helped me to repair it,” she posted.

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