Despite military claims of success of late against terrorists and bandits, Nigerians are still faced with incesant attacks and former Minister of Defense, General Theophilus Danjuma (rtd), has lamented the situation.
Danjuma who was speaking Saturday during the coronation and presentation of the staff of office to the Aku-Uka of Wukari, Manu Ishaku Adda Ali Matakhitswen in Wukari council of Taraba State said: “Our country is under siege by armed bandits.
“When a few years ago, I warned that the armed forces are either not capable or unwilling to protect us and that we must defend ourselves, the first denial came from the defense ministry who set up a kangaroo panel and invited me to come and testify.”
“Now there is evidence, the whole country is overrun and these foreign invaders are not even Muslims. A lot of the casualties are Muslims. They were allowed to come into the country by our government.”
He said the army needed to be more on the offensive against the bandits. “Right now, we are all sitting ducks.
“These people are armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction but we don’t have them. We have the numbers and the land belongs to us. They are trying to colonize us and take over our lands. Your majesty, you must unite our people to defend themselves.
“I will not give you arms. Find out how the people who have it got it and use the same means to acquire arms and defend yourselves.”

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