Neymar has been having a hard time coping with Brazilians who have been taunting after his preferred candidate for Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro was defeated in last Sunday’s election.
The PSG and Brazilian star publicly backed far-right candidate Bolsonaro and was heavily criticised for doing so over the past few weeks.
Ahead of the presidential election, the opposing candidate, Lula, asserted that Neymar supported Bolsonaro in the election because the former Brazilian president had helped him save taxes.
“He fears that if I win the election, I will find out that Bolsonaro has forgiven him his debt. That’s why he’s afraid of me,” said Lula via L’Equipe.
The whole situation has apparently taken a toll on Neymar, who bagged a goal and an assist in PSG’s win over Troyes at the weekend before the results of the election were announced.
According to L’Equipe, Neymar’s situation has become worse due to the constant nagging and the criticism coming from the activists celebrating Lula’s victory over the far-right candidate in Brazil.
After the announcement of the result, several left-wing activists severely reprimanded the PSG superstar with the chants, “Hey, Neymar, f*** off” and “Hey, Neymar, you have to declare (your taxes).”

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