Independent National Electoral Commission has urged the security agencies to step up and protect INEC facilities, following attacks and burning of its offices in Ogun and Osun States.
Consequently the Inspector General of Police Usman Baba Akali and the National Security Adviser (NSA) Major General Babagana Monguno (rtd) said they have been given orders to deal decisively with arsonists and thugs who have been burning INEC facilities and disrupting political campaigns ahead of the 2023 general elections.
INEC Chairman Professor Mahmood Yakubu said: “These unhappy occurrences are coming just a little over one month into the election campaign which is scheduled to last for about five months from 28th September 2022 to 23rd February 2023 for national elections (Presidential and National Assembly) and from 12th October 2022 to 11th March 2023 for State elections (Governorship and Houses of Assembly)”.
Speaking on the issue Major-General Monguno assured that the security agencies have been given clear cut instructions “to preempt and deal with any situation in which any rogue organization or institution decides to embark on what we consider to be a fundamentally criminal enterprise”.
“I am aware of the fact that within a period of just one month from October 8, to November 9, we’ve had 52 cases of violence across 22 states of the Federation. This is a bad signal. This is something that we do not want to continue. This is something that’s going to result in a lot of complications.
“We’re all aware of the fact that the President, as far as he’s concerned, is committed to upholding and safeguarding democracy. This is what the people want. The President has also given his directives through me to all the operational intelligence and law enforcement agencies to ensure that the 2023 elections are held in an atmosphere devoid of rancor.
“Those people who have gangsters working for them, I want to send a very, very clear warning, a categorical and unequivocal warning to each and every one, regardless of whichever political party, including the party of the President, for as long as you decide to scuttle the electoral process, the law enforcement agencies will equally be uninhibited in reacting to whatever actions you have taken.
“You will be visited with appropriate and commensurate response. I want to assure you, and I’m saying this with all sincerity, so those people who feel they have had a history of organizing and controlling groups that have an inclination for excessive, immoderate and inordinate behavior, I want to send this warning to you, please, reevaluate, whatever contemplation you have been making.”

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