Morocco coach Walid Regragui, said his team is energised to go all the way to the final of the World Cup as his team prepares to face France in Wednesday’s quarter-final clash.
Morocco, unbeaten so far, has become the Cinderella team of the Qatar 2022 tournament having beaten highly rated teams like Belgium, Spain and Portugal set up a quarterfinal match with the defending champions.
“Saying that we are satisfied to have reached the semi-finals doesn’t suit us…We are not tired. Tomorrow we are going to run,” said Regragui.
“We want to go to the final and win. We are ready to do anything to achieve this goal. We’ll have extraordinary energy tomorrow.
Meanwhile Morocco fans have been trooping to Qatar in numbers to support their team. Morocco’s Royal Air Maroc will operate 30 special flights to bring soccer fans from Casablanca to Doha for the match against France. These extra trips could add another 20,000 to 30,000 passionate and energetic fans, not all of whom will have tickets, to the thousands that are currently here.
“For me, we have the best fans in the world, maybe [on the same level] as Argentina fans and Brazil fans,” Morocco manager Walid Regragui said Tuesday. “I’m very happy because now the world begins to know what is a Moroccan fan. He’s a crazy guy, he loves his country, he loves his club. He can travel anywhere to come support his country.
“I’m very happy because the World Cup can give this picture of the fans of Morocco. And tomorrow, [it will be like we are playing] at home. And it’s very important for us.”

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