The case against Dr. Femi Olaleye who is accused of defiling his wife’s 15 niece continues Wednesday. In Monday’s hearing Aderemi Olaleye who is the wife in her testimony before the special offences and domestic violence court of Lagos state, told the court that her husband was addicted to sex after being hooked on pornographic materials, adding he introduced her niece to porn and taught her oral sex. Ïn her testimony to the court Aderemi, Adremi narrated that Dr.Olaleye has been sleeping with her niece for a 20 months period and was scared he was going to turn on his own children when he was through with the niece. Under cross examination from prosecuting counsel Babatunde Martins, Aderemi responded: “She was exhibiting strange behaviour. “When I called her (victim) upstairs to explain herself after the nanny’s complaint, she gave me a long hiss and I disciplined her. “This incident happened when my husband was not around. He travelled to Abeokuta. The Children told him when he returned. “He (Olaleye) did not have any discussion with me. He went straight to her room and started pacifying her (victim). “When I challenged him, Femi Olaleye yelled at me and said I should do my worst. The worst I could say was that he was sleeping with her and he said he was sleeping with her. I told him not to say that. Immediately, he said he was taking her out of the home. “After he left the victim in my aunt’s house, my aunt, who is a retired school principal and psychologist, asked the victim what happened and she confessed. “She told my aunt that since March 2020, Femi had been abusing her; that he introduced her to pornography. From there, he graduated to oral sex. “He does this in places where there are no CCTV cameras, and around 2am almost everyday. “I didn’t know about these allegations until everybody else in the family knew. “My lord, Femi, most nights, gives me a small tablet. When I looked at this incident, I wept. How was this incident going on in my home and I did not know? “Femi gives me medication every night and he claims that it is junior aspirin that will avert blood clots because I’m turning 50 years old soon. “My lord, maybe a medical examination should be conducted on me. I want to believe that I slept my way through all his atrocities. Sometimes, he also gives me Phenergan; he will say I work so hard that phenergan will help me relieve my nerves. “Our sex life was great. He told me that he does not like oral sex. Anytime I want to get down there, he will tell me he is getting old, that he does not like such things. “I don’t want him around my children, and home. I told his lawyer that if he could sleep with my niece who calls him ‘daddy’, he could sleep with our daughter,” she said.
She told the court that after signing an undertaking, her husband apologised via WhatsApp messages and emails, saying “it was the work of the devil”. She noted that in December 2021, Dr. Olaleye enrolled at a rehabilitation centre in Lagos. “The psychologist at the rehab reached out to me and said that he had a diagnosis of sex addiction, and if not properly taken care of, my own child can be a victim,” she said. Dr. Olalyeye who was arraigned on November 30, is facing two count charge of defilement of a child and sexual assault by penetration. He pleaded not guilty and has been cooling off in Ikoyi Prison.

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