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Mainland Metro News | Don’t write off Liverpool, klopp warns | All the news you need...

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said there is still fire in the belly of his team as the Premier League resumes this weekend after the World Cup break. Liverpool are out of the top four after their slow start to the season. But Klopp said on the heels of the 3-2 defeat to Manchester City in Carabao cup clash: “”We have left a gap between us and much more exciting positions in the table. We have to chase. I saw good signs last night, I wasn’t happy with everything, our counter-press was pretty much non-existent, which I don’t like,” Klopp said. “There is a lot to come, we don’t think about the break anymore. It’s a start for something new and building on the things we’ve done so far and knowing and expecting that we can do better — starting on Boxing Day.” Klopp added that next year would be tough for players coming back from the World Cup as he prepared his side for their trip to Aston Villa on Monday. “For the players who played in the World Cup, the whole year will be incredibly intense,” Klopp said. “That’s really, really, really tough. We will have to see how we deal with that, and we will be really careful with the information we get. “That makes planning really difficult for the next game because we were 100% clear what we want to do against City and then you have to change in the last second pretty much, that’s not cool but it’s the situation and that might happen against Villa as well so we need to be flexible.”

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