Former Brazil midfielder Rivaldo has told Cristiano Ronaldo to consider going back to Real Madrid to play football.

Rivaldo noted that the Portuguese striker who joined Saudi side Al Nassr in a deal worth £173million-per-year, is not happy in Saudi Arabia.

“I understand that sometimes the players are fooled by the big contract they sign in Saudi Arabia but then life there is more closed and football is not always as easy as expected,” Rivaldo told Mundo Deportivo.

“So, you may be going through a phase of some disappointment and even reflection. If the money you’re getting makes up for the not-so-happy life you’re living right now.

“It would be good for him and for football to see Cristiano Ronaldo return to Real Madrid to finish his career.

“Of course, the fans have to understand that they cannot demand the same from him as when he was 25 or 26 years old, but he can still help the club in more conquests.”

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