A Congo DR cabinet member Tony Mwaba Kazadi,  who got his deputy minister pregnant, has claimed that it happened by “accident.”
Kazadi, who is the Minister of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education (EPST) and Deputy Minister, Aminata Namasia got romantically attached while on the job, even though they are married to different spouses.  A local journalist blew the lid on the affair which led to the deputy minister’s pregnancy on Twitter and the affair has become a national discourse in Congo.
However, Namasia has asked that her privacy be respected.  She posted on Twitter: “Beyond my official and public duties, I have a life that must be respected by all. Aright guaranteed to all Congolese by our Constitution. Tarnishing my image should not be a tolerated habit.
“Indeed, it could harm not only my commitments, but also the image of my married male colleagues and their homes.
“On the eve of the electoral contests scheduled for December of this year, political detractors can attack my opinions and political actions rather than opting for practices tending to smear my person.”

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