Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN)president Tonobok Okowa said Thursday’s Emergency Extraordinary Congress will go as planned despite opposition from some members of the AFN board.
Chief Okowa was speaking against the background of a letter by first vice president Tafida Gadzama, which warned that the congress did not meet the constitutional requirement. He said no rule has been violated in conveying an Emergency Extraordinary Congress for May 25 in Abuja. He added that every procedure has been followed.
“We are holding an Emergency Extraordinary Congress, and World Athletics is aware of whatever we are doing,” Okowa stated.
“And because it is an Emergency Congress, those rules of giving 15 days notice do not apply. We held our normal Congress in January this year, and we need to address some constitutional issues. Also, due to the emergency nature of the Congress, the AFN decided to take care of the feeding and accommodation of the members.
“There is nothing strange in it. We operate an open door policy, and it is good we make this clarification to all Nigerians.”
Gadzama had written a letter to Okowa, warning against violating the federation’s constitution in regard to the emergency congress. Gadzama said; Thursday’s extraordinary congress is not convened pursuant to article 10.1.7 of the federation’s 2023 constitution (as amended).

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