Afrobeat musician Seun Kuti, posted a photo of himself in an aircraft with a caption that he was off to Zurich, Switzerland to kick off his Europe tour.
He only got his freedom from police detention on Tuesday night after spending 10 days behind the bars for assaulting a policeman during a road rage on the Third Mainland Bridge Lagos. He could not be arraigned on Wednesday by the police at a Yaba Magistrate court, due to a technical hitch. The Chief Magistrate adjourned the case till July 3.
Mr. Kuti who is son of Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulakpo Kuti who was in high spirits after being released posted on Instagram: “Euro tour kicks off tonight in Zurich.”
Meanwhile in another development, Mr. Kuti said the British decision to ban Nigerian Students from coming to the UK with their parents smacks of racism. He was reacting to a video post made by UK-based Nigerian Youtuber, Emdee Tiamiyu in support of the British government decision.
Seun said, “If you think one YouTube video is why one of the most racist parties in Europe passed a racist policy then you are even more naïve than I thought.
“The truth is the British government is racist. This is a racist policy and we should fight it as such instead of doing the usual and fighting ourselves on behalf of colonial masters.”

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