Outgoing minister of Aviation Hadi Sirika  Friday gleefully announced the arrival of the first Air Nigeria aircraft at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport in Abuja.
Throughout the eight years regime of Muhammadu Buhari the quest to revive the moribund national carrier remained an elusive chase, but in March Mr. Siriki assured that the airline will take off before the end of Buhari’s tenure. “We are here. To Almighty God be all the glory. It has been a very long, tedious, daunting and difficult path,” Siriki wrote on his twitter handle.
“We thank everyone for their support. This, by the will of God, will be for us and generations to come. Ya Allah make it beneficial for our country and humanity.”
Meanwhile the Airline Operators in Nigeria reminded the minister of a court restraining order on commence operations of Nigeria Air. Lawyers to the AON wrote a letter to President Muhammadu Buhari urging and his minster not to flout the court order.
It read in part: “We are solicitors to Airline Operators of Nigeria (“Our Client”). Our client filed the above suit to question the shady deal, deliberate infraction of the Nigerian laws and self-enrichment, mainly against the Federal Ministry of Aviation over the Nigerian Air Project. 
“In the suit, the Federal High Court sitting in Lagos presided by Hon. Justice A.L Allagoa, in the above suit, granted Orders of interim and interlocutory injunctions, in the terms contained in the Order, restraining taking of any step in relation to the Nigeria Air project. Copy each of the Orders are enclosed as Annexures 1, 2& 3.
“As your Excellency is well aware, the administration will hand over on Monday May 29, 2023 but the Honourable Minister of Aviation, Sen.Hadi Sirika, is planning to circumvent the Court Orders on Friday 26th May,2023 being the last working day of this administration and possibly to cover up the various infractions of Nigerian laws, amongst others.
This action has no regard to whether or not it will stain the record of this administration, whether or not it will cover for corrupt actions raised in the suit and deliberately meant to violate Court Orders for self-serving purposes.
“We therefore employ your Excellency to stop this action of the Minister of Aviation, ensure compliance with the terms of the order andavoid needless controversies on the action after your Excellency’s administration would have expired.
“Notwithstanding, our client will still pursue contempt action against the Minister personally whether or not he left office, for the promotion of the rule of law, protection of integrity of the court and in line with international best practices.”

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