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Mainland Metro News | Let’s not give up on Nigeria—Charly Boy | All the news you need...

Veteran musician and social activist Charles Oputa a.k.a Charly Boy said he believes something good can still happen to Nigeria after eight years of near anarchy.
Charly Boy who was speaking against the background of social and economic hardship forcing many young Nigerians to emigrate noted that the youths have power to change the country and they must not give up.
“I believe a better Nigeria is possible. Why should I give up on the country? Look at what has happened to our country in the last eight years. Everything has been so bastardised.
“I hear about the ‘japa’(relocation) syndrome but where does someone like me want to ‘japa’ to?
“If I relocate, what kind of job would I do? Our best brains are relocating in large numbers.
“The people still making the country proud are the exceptional youths. So, I have faith in them. I have been in this freedom struggle for the past 40 years.
“If I have not inspired people, what is my gain? I have maintained that the salvation of this country lies in the hands of exceptional people.”
Oputa, 72, recently had surgery to deal with prostate cancer and according to him he is doing well.
surgery for his prostate cancer.
“I’m still recovering
“The problem actually started three years ago. I sought medical help and I met a Nigerian doctor in London, United Kingdom, who specialises in treating the ailment. When he told me that he would come to Nigeria, I had to do the surgery here. I thank God it was successful. I am still recovering though.”

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