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Mainland Metro News | Activist slams Hilda Baci for eating dog meat | All the news you need...

World cooking marathon record holder Hilda Baci has been slated for cooking and eating dog meat while she was a guest at the inauguration of Akwa Ibom State governor Umo Eno last Monday.
Baci had posted on Instagram a video of her and Enioluwa Adeoluwa, an influencer trying out a variety of Akwa Ibom delicacies. Baci invited Adeoluwa to try out the dog meat soup.
But this was not amusing to Jackie Idimogu who is the creator of the ‘My Dog & I’ group. She posted a video lambasting Baci and Adeoluwa.
“I’m so livid right now. During the cook-a-Thon, members of the My Dog and I group wore their shirts to go and support Hilda,” she said.
“Imagine my surprise scrolling through Instagram, and then I saw on a news blog that this same Hilda posted that she is eating a dog with Eniola.
“I’m disappointed in Eniola because you are supposedly the president of Gen Z. He insisted he did not eat the dog, but I will never be found on a table where dog meat is being served.
“Hilda in her wisdom, thought the best thing for her to do after the world celebrated Nigeria through her relentlessness.
“And now that the torchlight of the world is on Nigeria through you, you decide that what you want to show the world is that Nigerians are dog eaters?
“No, I’m making this video to refute the fact that Nigerians are not dog eaters.”

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