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Mainland Metro News | Akpabio waves off impeachment rumours | All the news you need...

By Siojare Uvoh
Senate president Godswill Akpabio, said there is no truth behind reports that he would be impeached when the Senate reconvenes on September 26, 2023 .
The former Akwa Ibom State governor described the reports as Malicious saying that there was no rancor between the members of the 10th Senate. According to the report, published in various media Saturday, two Senators from the north are spearheading the impeachment drive with support from other Senators across the country. They accused the Akabio led Senate of rubber stamping President Bola Tinubu’s policies.
“Senators are presently concluding their holidays in their constituencies and other places they have chosen to spend their time after the rigours of the inauguration and ministerial screening and other constructive engagements,” said a statement signed by Senator Akpabio’s Special Adviser (Media and Publicity) Hon Eseme Eyiboh.
“All senators are also refreshing themselves ahead of the resumption, therefore, any suggestions that they are presently engaged in other subversive plots against the institution is rather uncharitable.
It is mostly uncharitable for those senators who initially did not support the emergence of the leadership but who have all unanimously endorsed the Senator Akpabio-led leadership. Continuing to link these senators with needless conspiracy with barely disguised innuendo is rather unkind.
“We call on the media not to give in to the conspiratorial tales, and not to give damage to the reputations that they have built over time.”

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