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Mainland Metro News | Ghana army says no to coup d’ etat | All the news you need...

Ghana’s military command says there is zero chance a coup d’ etat will occur in the country.
Vice Admiral Seth Amoama, Ghana’s Chief of Defence Staff, who was speaking at the weekend to journalists said the army is committed to protect the constitution and the sovereign will of the people to elect the government of their choice. He was speaking against the background of coups in Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Gabon.
“The coups in West Africa are a major concern, but, for us, we are resolved to protecting the Constitution and the will of the people.
“If the people decide that democracy is the type of governance they want, then we need to respect that,” Vice Admiral Amoama said.
“Our mandate is to protect the territorial integrity of the State, and we are focused on that.
“So, when you hear any news of coup, you should be assured that the Ghana Armed Forces is not interested in governance.
“We believe that if the people don’t want the government, they have a maximum of four years to change it.”
He urged the media to tone down their speculative reports of military coups.
“It’s mostly the press who put the fear of military coup in the people, but I want to assure you that we have the interest of the nation at heart.
Everybody should be rest assured that the military is focused on protecting the territorial integrity of the nation, and not anything that will bring destruction,” Vice Admiral Amoama added.

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