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Mainland Metro News | Nwatoruocha set to ride challenges of being Nigeria’s first woman boxing world champion | All the news you need...

She is pretty and she is also tough as a nail; this is introducing Chiamaka Nwatoruocha a.k.a Jill White, who is nursing the ambition of being Nigeria’s first world champion in women boxing.
Nwatoruocha, would be having her first taste of professional boxing in a contest packaged by Triple Mac Boxing Promotion, she would be fighting Sarah Ahouand Jinou from Benin Republic. It is one of the under-cards of a night of boxing featuring five other fights, the event is billed for October 7, 2023 at the Indoor Sports Hall of the National Stadium Lagos.
Speaking on her journey so far in the sport that has practically dominated her thoughts according to her, Nwatoruocha said: “There are two things on mind my as I train every day.
“To fulfill my desire to excel in the boxing and to be the first Nigerian woman to win a world title. I have heard side comments from people that is not encouraging, but that has only made me to want push myself to achieve my goals.”
The young lady standing at 5’9ft and fighting in the light weight division, said her first choice of sport was football, but now boxing is all she dreams about.
“I used to play football, but then I found myself punching the walls with bare knuckles. Then I got myself boxing gloves and started out… luckily I was scouted by my coach Freddie Mac and it has been a wonderful experience even as it is challenging.
“The waking up early the morning, the running, go to the gym watch the spa or spa then go back do your leg overs, your abdominals, its not what everybody would be willing to do. I love the challenges and I decided to roll with it.”
Her coach backed her to go all the way starting with her first fight in a couple of weeks time.
“She is really serious and that is why I call her ‘talknado.’
“I’ve quit boxing and so seeing her doing her thing makes feel proud I have a protegee that is ready to take on the world. And I’m backing her to go far in the sport.”

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