Labour Party’s vice presidential candidate Datti Baba-Ahmed has revealed that social media imposters who have been on his case for ten years have doubled their efforts following his emergence as Peter Obi’s running mate for next year’s elections.
Baba-Ahmed voiced his frustration while speaking to newsmen today in Abuja stating that his reputation was at stake as a result of the impostors’ activities.
“Impostors had, right from the inception of the various social media platforms, opened accounts in my name without my knowledge or approval. I wrote several complaints accordingly, which were never attended to satisfactorily.
“This situation remained for nearly a decade, and I decided to be inactive on the platforms till my complaints were satisfactorily attended to.
“Ever since indications began to appear about my joining the Labour Party, more impostors hurriedly opened more accounts in my name, in most cases misspelled or in the wrong format.”
He urged Nigerians to disregard such accounts created in his name, adding that the Labour Party’s growing fortunes have become a nightmare for some politicians.
“I, hereby, dissociate my humble self from the creation, ownership, and operation of any such social media accounts and equally declare that all exchanges and communications therefrom are without my knowledge or input in any way whatsoever
“I call on the social media platforms owners, creators, and operators to immediately realise the dangers their highly valued technologies portend in society and quickly responsibly rise to the challenge of preventing further creation and use of fake accounts.
“Peter Obi’s growing fortunes have become such a bitter pill for some Nigerian retrogressive status quo politicians to the extent of apparently committing huge amounts of money in creating and spreading falsehood in the name of politics,” he said.

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