Senegal captain Kalidou Koulibaly has words of advise for Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis, over his unwillingness to sign any African player tied to the African Cup of Nations.
Last season Cameroon midfielder Andre-Frank Anguissa and Senegal captain Kalidou Koulibaly, now at Chelsea, joined their nations for the AFCON. Striker Victor Osimhen did not go due to Covid 19 positive test. The Italian argued that releasing players in the middle of the European league contest was not helpful to the clubs.
“Enough of African players, or they should give up playing in the African Cup of Nations. I won’t be buying them any more for this reason,” De Laurentiis told a Wall Street Italia show.
“We pay the salaries to send them around to play elsewhere in the middle of the league championship,” the 73-year-old added.
“Or they sign a waiver that for Afcon and the championships in South America [the Copa America], I cannot make them available to participate.”
Koulibaly who spent eight years urged De Laurentiis to show some respect to African players.
“You cannot speak about African national teams like this,” the 31-centre-back told BBC Sport.
“You have to have respect, and as captain of Senegal it is not a good way to speak.
“If he thinks that the team can play without African players, it’s up to him. But I think not everybody has the same idea as him in the club, because I know their supporters and they don’t think like this.”

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