Rule of Law...Sharif waiting for justice

Relief came for music artist Aminu Yahaya Sharif who sentence to death by a Sharia Court in Kano for singing blasphemous songs about the Prophet Mohammed.
A Kano Court of Appeal, Wednesday, reconfirmed the judgement of Kano State High Court, Appellate Division, which had earlier ruled for a re-trial of the artist who was arrested and arraigned before an Upper Sharia Court in 2020 for circulating the song termed blasphemous. He was charged under section 382 (B) of Shari’a Penal Code Law of Kano 2000 and convicted to death by Upper Shari’a Court Filin Hockey in Kano.
His lawyer Barrister Kola Alapinni, filed a case at the Kano State Court asking it to reverse the judgement because the accused was not represent by a lawyer and also the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigerian was contravened by the Sharia Penal Code Law. The Kano High Court ordered a re-trial in January 21 2021. However, unsatisfied with the judgement Sharif approached the Appeal Court.
The case generated international interests and some countries called on the Nigerian government to ensure that Sharif gets a proper hearing.

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