All is well...Peter Obi, Femi Kuti, Charlie Boy and Made Kuti

Labour Party candidate for the 2023 presidential elections, Peter Obi has met with Afro-beat musician Femi Kuti in Lagos.

This is on heels of recent revelations by Kuti that supporters of ‘Obidatti2023’ have threatened him and his business after he made remarks that questioned their mentality. But Obi has assured Kuti that no such thing would happen, adding that his campaign his strictly issue based.

Peter Obi Grassroots Mobilization said in a tweet: “ Our incoming President H.E @PeterObi met with @Femiakuti to assure him of issue based campaign and inclusiveness of all Nigerians in his movement. What a man? Dear Nigerians, we must not miss this opportunity of having H.E @PeterObi as our next President. #Obidatti2023.”

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