Why are Nigerians still rooting for Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Abubakar Atiku to be President of Nigeria?
Haven’t citizens learnt any lesson from the almost eight years of bumbling and stumbling by President Muhammadu Buhari? Many thought that he would be the messiah that would rescue Nigeria, but it is quite obvious ‘El Dorado is light years away.
At this critical stage of global social and economical, scientific and technological breakthroughs, some people are still thinking of encumbering themselves with two relics of a disreputable past? Pastor Chris Okotie must be twitching and thrashing about in his opulent abode wondering what kind of uncivilised citizens he had come to share a nation with?
The Peoples Democratic Party and the All Progressives Congress must be smugs for thinking that they can just roll over Nigerians any time they want and install whoever they want as President when you have the likes of Yemi Osinbajo, Donald Duke, and other younger politicians with antecedents in their fold. It is nothing but greed that is pushing on Atiku and Tinubu to aspire for the highest office in the land. They could have stepped back and lent a hand to the energetic and visionary ones in their folds to come forward. They won’t ever do it.
They have been living off the system for years and have gathered so much wealth and why not? A poor man wants to be rich, a rich man wants to be king and a king wants to be god and own everything.
But who can blame Atiku and T inubu in a nation so balkanised and politicians so merrily dance on the fault lines as they seek to advance their cause. Just like Atiku tried to do in Kaduna, playing the ethic card, when it dawned on him his canoe isleaking at several points. He’s been ‘Wikerised!’
And also Tinubu, a man who had cut so many corners in his career, to the extent nobody knows his real name, his real age, his parents and where he comes from. Everything he’s ever done since the start of the political campaign is trickery, fake bishops, fake gym photos, climate change gaffe and all that slurred speech.
If this were to be a nation where citizens think less of where they come from or which god they serve, none of these excess baggage and over the hill presidential contestants would smell the podium and be making mockery of intellectual discussion on how best to move the country from the brink of collapse to boyance.
But sadly in 2023 Nigerians are likely to choose between these two conmen who should be spending their time frolicing or healing as the case might be, in their luxury homes in Dubai and London where they have always sneaked out to enjoy their loot. Make no mistake, Tinubu and Atiku have not run any billion dollar conglomerate successfully, to justify the billions of dollars they so freely dish out to their goons who carefreely massage their egos?
The campaign is on and speeches are being delivered. With every word spoken the mindset of each contest is revealed and would there be a revival or is it going to be another eight years perhaps of wastage? Right now the face of Nigeria is barely unrecognised after seven years of dull and uninspiring reign, “we are almost a failed state” the Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi cried out.
Nothing has changed from those days of “Mere consulting clinics” coup speeches by the ‘Evil Genius’ and his late goggle wearing pal. Men who betrayed their calling and dabbled into a terrain they had no training… Now things have spinned out of control.
They are the ones who institutionalised corruption and the blatant stealing of the nation’s wealth and wastage of its human and natural resources. Nigeria has no business being broke, being shackled and drawn by criminals in high and low places. But because a culture of ‘stealing and lying’ has been entrenched by successive governments in wolves’ clothing, the country has been drifting in the sea of uncertainty. Governments at all levels are irresponsible and carefree in the matters that affect the citizens. It takes a ‘Tompolo’ to catch an oil thief.
The Citizens would be worse off than zombies if they don’t put a sword to ethnic and religious bickering and begin to teach politicians how to be responsible. And that would be by voting wisely and if any public servant does not perform, he or she is shown the red card in the election. That is what democracy is all about. And not bullion van and ‘Ghana must go’ politics where you buy your way to office and start using public money to pay off debts or settle area fathers and area boys who rigged elections for you.
Nigerians must start repairing their country from the 2023 elections. No more sentiments, no bigotry and trickery. They should learn one thing from President Buhari’s tenure, names and past glory do not perform wonders. And most especilly the folks from up north ravage by terrorists and banditory, if they don’t vote for a goverment that can protect them and their children, automatically, they are toast for criminals to kidnap. They don’t care whether you are Christian or Muslim.

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