An eight weeks old baby Miracle Amatobi has had his right arm amputated from the shoulder after his father Confidence Amatobi smashed the arm, because the baby was disturbing his sleep.
Amatobi a native of Amurie in Isu local government area of Imo State, was reported to have broken the baby’s arm in several places by repeatedly hitting it with a plastic clothes hanger, because the baby was crying and he wanted him to stop.
Favour Chikwe, the baby mother narrated that she had left Miracle in care of his father on October 7 when the incident happened. She said the baby was unusually crying excessively and noticed that his arm was swollen.
“When I confronted him about what he did, he locked us in the room, to prevent me from telling people about his wicked deed or seeking help. He also collected my phone from me so that I will not call the neighbours,” she said.
Speaking on the incident, Imo State chapter of Nigeria Association of Women Journalists, Dr. Dorothy Nnaji called for the immediate arrest of the 31-year-old Amatobi for brutalising the child left in his care.

Caption Dr, Dorothy Nnaji with Miracle Amatobi at the Federal Medical Centre Owerri.

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