Nollywood actress Cossy Orjiakor has alleged threats to her life after clashing with a footballer she claimed was her tennant.
Orjiakor posted on her instagram page that she asked the footballer named Chiemezie to move out of the BNB apartment she rented to him since 2020, but instead the said footballer had attacked her twice and threatened to kill her.
“The last time he threatened to kill me was after I told him to stop bringing people he had scammed to the house because he was putting everyone else at risk,” Ojiakor wrote
“The conversation got heated, and we started shouting at each other I didn’t know he had planned with his sister, who was staying with him and his Polish wife. While I was on call facing away, his sister just attacked me from behind and bit me on my chest and leg.
“While the fight between me and Chiemizie’s sister was going on, I just heard when a tenant told me to run away that Chiemzie was coming with tile and planned to smash it on my head. He also later brought out two kitchen knives and threatened he was going to stab me.”

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