Nigerians have been told to look beyond religion and tribe as they cast their votes in the 2023 general elections.
Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi made the call while speaking to a cross spectrum of supporters Thursday night in a virtual town hall meeting. He said bad leadership was the main bane of Nigerian society.
“There is nowhere in Nigeria where a Muslim buys cheaper bread because he is a Muslim, ditto Christian. Our economic problems arising from poor leadership do not discriminate on the basis of religion or tribe. There is no separate electricity for a Christian or Muslim, everyone is suffering the same thing.
“ I have said it repeatedly, don’t vote for me because of where I come from. Vote for me because of what I am offering. I am the most qualified in this presidential race not because of where I come from but because of what I am coming with, what I can offer.
“ I have said it frequently that the 2023 election must not be on anybody’s entitlements, his religion or tribe but on competence, character and what you did before, how did you handle public funds when it was placed in your custody?
“To Nigerian students, you will never regret being part of this movement, you can never regret being part of taking back of Nigeria I assure you”
Currently Obi is the popular candidate, but it remains to be seen if can beat the big parties and their formidable candidates in the 2023 elections, which many see a make or mar election for Nigeria’s socio-economic difficulties.

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