Following her controversial exit from the All Progressives Congress, Naja’atu Mohammed has been accused of leaking sensitive information by the APC presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Naja’atu resigned her position from the APC presidential campaign council saying the party’s agenda was not in line with her values. She added in an interview that the APC presidential candidate was unfit to rule the country, due to ill health. She joined the PDP at the weekend. However, a statement released by Tinubu’s adviser on public affairs, Mahmud Jega, the APC presidential candidate said Naja’atu was incompetent and also was spying for the opposition Peoples Democratic Party. “The Asiwaju/Shettima Presidential Campaign Council received with amusement the hasty “resignation” of Hajiya Naja’atu Mohammed from her position as Director of Civil Society Organisations just before she was sacked for incompetence, quarrelsomeness and after being uncovered to be a mole planted in our winning campaign in order to leak sensitive information to our desperate opponents. “Although she deceived the gullible public by claiming that she resigned, her sack letter with ignominy from the campaign and the party had just arrived at her desk.”
Tinubu said Naja’atu’s desperation, fact-free, machination-filled and imaginary utterances after she was sacked showed that she was “unfit to serve in the first place until it was discovered that she was a mole.”

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