A 40-year-old man Patrick Chukwu has allegedly shot dead his senior brother, Benedict Chukwu, after an argument over parking space in their family compound at Elele-Alimini in the Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State. Benedict, 44, had come back home from work and could not find a place to park his motor bike as Patrick placed some chairs on the spot. According to former General Secretary of Elele-Alimini Community Development Committee, Ambassador Joseph Asomeji, who was speaking to news reporters all pleas to Patrick to show some understanding, was rebuffed by him and he ultimately took a hunting gun and shot his brother on the neck. Asomeji narrated: “Both of them are my cousins. The issue was that the elder brother, the late Mr Benedict Chukwu, came home from his daily hustling to the family house where both of them live. “The younger brother Mr Patrick Chukwu used chairs to block access to where Benedict Chukwu was to carry his motorbike and cross. “The late elder brother pleaded with the younger brother to allow him access to pass with his bike inside the family house where both of them are living, the younger brother refused to remove the chairs that were blocking the road. “Angrily, Mr Benedict used his legs to kick the chairs out of the way, then the younger brother picked up a wedge to hit the elder brother. “But neighbours came out and removed the wedge from his hand. The younger brother went inside again and picked up a machete, the neighbours gathered him and collected the machete from him. “As if that was not enough, the younger brother ran inside again and brought a hunter’s gun and fired immediately at the elder brother’s neck, killing him instantly.”
He added that Patrick fled the scene immediately after committing the crime. River State police command spokesperson Grace Iringe-Koko confirmed the incident. She said the case is being investigated. Adding that the police are hunting for the suspect.

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