President Bola Tinubu who slipped and fell on his way to celebrating Wednesday’s Democracy Day at the Eagle Square claimed he was only postrating like a true Yoruba boy.
During a dinner held at the Presidential Villa to make the day, Tinubu made a light joke of the incident which went viral on social media.
“Earlier this morning, I had a swagger, and it was on social media,” Mr Tinubu said.
“They were confused about whether I was doing Buga or Babaringa.’’
“It was a day to celebrate democracy, while doing “dobale” for the day. I’m a traditional Yoruba boy, I did my dobale.”
Nigerians were divided on the fall, some expressed their sympathy and best wishes, while for others it reignited questions about his health, which were raised by his opponents during the campaign for last year’s tightly contested election.
Meanwhile Tinubu’s rival during the presidential elections in 2023 Peter Obi said that Tinubu has kept his promise of continuing where former President Muhammadu Buhari stopped.
“I would say that president Tinubu has kept to his campaign promises. Throughout the campaign, he consistently maintained that he will continue from where Buhari stopped and he’s done very well. I would say excellent. I’ll give him an excellent pass mark,” said Obi in an interview with Arise TV.
“When he (Mr Tinubu) came, “Dollar was N460, it’s now N1,500. Fuel was N238, it’s now about N700. Diesel was 844, it’s now 1,415. A bag of rice was between N30,000 and N35,000, it is now about N80, 000. Garri was between N27,000 and N28,000, it is now between N49, 000 and N50,000. Our debt, like I mentioned, was N87 trillion. By the end of last year, it was actually N97 trillion, the highest we’ve gone within that short period. Now it’s over N100 trillion.”

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