Singer Habeeb Okikiola a.k.a Portable, has been speaking about the raw deal he had during tour of Italy.
He had started a tour of Europe since October 26.
Portable made popular by his hit ‘Zazu’ said in his Instagram page that ”inexperienced and disreputable’ promoters almost cost him his life while in the country.
He said: “After my successful eight shows so far in Europe. Had a successful Tahoe in Parma Italy the previous week. But the Padova Promoters turned to be inexperienced, inadequate, unprofessional, unscrupulous and disreputable.”
“On faithful Saturday 29th October 2022, I arrived from Dusseldorf Germany alongside my team at 16:20 at Venice airport (Marco Polo Italy and waited for over two hours before the so-called promoters came (Blessed entertainment and Alex Jeffizy) they couldn’t even pay the taxi guy the complete fares not until my Manager payoff the fares.”
“On getting to the hotel we discovered that the hotel was located in Vigonovese while the event location was in Padova (You can google map the distance) and also the room reserved was one instead of three rooms.”
“My manager rejected and Alex Jeffizy began to cry that he has no money with him but pleaded we should kindly manage the room. My manager found another hotel that was closer to the venue of the event but they refused.”
“Not until we arrived and they said they don’t have a balance until they sell drinks till 4 am before they can balance us and I can perform by then, we agreed and waited not until Alex and driver came back at 3:40 am to pick us to the venue.”
“The driver repeatedly missed the route and we spent over 2h 40mins on the road instead of 50mins. On getting closer to the venue, we discovered there had been shooting, stabbing and arson in the venue. Even Jeffizy himself received a series of calls that we should not come to the venue because there has been a serious massacre and we should back off.”
“No security, bodyguard, or professional We forced the driver to stop the car before getting to the dangerous scene. Unknowingly for us that they got their thugs around the corner and they collected the car key and demanded €2,000 which my manager gave to them to enable us to leave the unsafe scene.”

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