All Progressives Congress presidential candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu was speechless during his campaign stop in Minna, Niger State.
He was late attending the rally after being fatigued by his appearance in Kaduna. He appeared exhausted when he mounted the stage in Minna, his speech was incoherent and could only mutter “APC, APC, Niger! Nigeria, Nigeria! Sai Bago, Sai Bago, APC, APC!.” He couldn’t speak on his agenda to the waiting audience. The rally came to an abrupt end after he was ushered off stage.
However, Dele Alake the campaign spokesman denied Tinubu was suffering some ill health.
“Absolute bunkum, balderdash, hogwash, infantile imagination of warped minds.
“Go see the video clip, i was right behind him on the stage. The Campaign started a little behind schedule and there were other activities marked for today like his commissioning of the APC Minna secretariat, visit to the emir etc vis a vis the time.
“So, he was advised to just give a brief greeting and acknowledgement to the teeming crowd and he danced to the crowd enthusiastically before moving on to the commissioning venue and on to other activities.
“The man is as fit as a fiddle and the success of the Minna rally is top class. “Again, Asiwaju will continue to confound his enemies as he coasts home to victory in the coming elections. All the evil wished him will continue to befall his traducers!” Aleke said.

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